Renewable Energy

The Orange Ridge Capital Renewable Energy Strategy is intended to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with a stable income by investing in renewable energy assets located in Europe, the Americas, and Europe benefitting from rising global renewable energy demand due to climate change and diminishing fossil fuels.

The assets provide predictable cash flows, relatively low levels of risk and volatility, regulated revenue streams, relatively low maintenance, independence from fuel price volatility and a long-term investment horizon. With insurance companies and pension funds focused on liability management, this combination makes renewable energy a highly attractive asset class

It is estimated that renewable energy generation will triple between 2010 and 2035, by which time it will account for almost a third (31%) of the global energy mix. Given that wind, water and sun are infinite sources of clean energy, it is unsurprising that the total investment in generating capacity, more than 60% is accounted for by renewables, principally wind (22%); hydro (16%), and solar photovoltaic (13%).

Orange Ridge Capital specializes in the following renewable energy sources:
  • Hydro Power
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power

Orange Ridge Capital offers a strategy diversified by geography and by renewable energy sources in order to create the optimal risk/return profilesĀ in various regions across 2 continents at a low cost.


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