Orange Ridge Capital Is Your Specialist In Sustainable Real Asset Investments

Orange Ridge Capital is specialized in sourcing, structuring, and managing sustainable high-quality real asset investments in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia where we aim to generate attractive returns from timberland, farmland, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, and renewable energy.
We believe sustainable real assets have significant growth potential as climate change will propel ESG-oriented investing and world population growth, especially a rapidly expanding middle class in emerging markets, will drive increased demand for natural resources, such as timber, farmland, infrastructure, real estate, and energy in the coming decades.
Furthermore, sustainable real assets are considered to be a critical component of a well-balanced investment portfolio due to their diversification, risk mitigation, inflation protection, and low correlation benefits.

Investment Approach, Expertise, Partnerships
Orange Ridge Capital´s investment approach is partnering with regional and local operators with long-term proven track records and on the ground experience that will grow with the investor and us over the long term.
Orange Ridge Capital has comprehensive expertise in sustainable real asset investments that require significant due diligence and technical expertise, access to capital, and local partnerships in strategic locations.
Investors will gain from Orange Ridge Capital´s specific know-how and our profound network in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia. Orange Ridge Capital´s partnering approach facilitates diverse sustainable real asset strategies at a low cost

Sustainability vs Return
Our strategies reflect the conviction that investing to generate financial returns and lasting social and environmental impact are not only compatible but also mutually reinforcing objectives.

Our Clients
Orange Ridge Capital provides sustainable real asset investment solutions and strategies to a wide range of clients in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. These include institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, investment consultants, and financial advisors.


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