Investment Approach

Partnerships, Expertise, How to Invest

Orange Ridge Capital aims to produce attractive, risk-adjusted returns over time from high-quality sustainable timberland, farmland, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate and, renewable energy for its clients.

Our investment approach is partnering with regional and local operators with a long-term proven track record, specialized expertise, and on the ground experience that will grow with the investor and us over the long term.

Our investment approach and expertise include:
  • Access to high quality sustainable real asset strategies as a result of Orange Ridge Capital´s exclusive focus, extensive expertise, and partnerships with regional and local operators in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia.
  • Alignment of interests between the investor selected operator, and Orange Ridge Capital via long-term risk-sharing partnership agreements ensure that long-term financial objectives of an investment will be achieved.
  • Local partners have specialized expertise and a long-term proven track record in managing scale, operational risks, and have on-the-ground experience and presence where the sustainable real assets are located.
  • Selected partners operate active and innovative management regimes to mitigate risk and enhance returns and sustainability.
  • Orange Ridge Capital conducts a detailed acquisition process of every targeted sustainable real asset investment opportunity consisting of a rigorous due diligence process and an investor defined  ´Exit Strategy´ at the time of acquisition.
  • Orange Ridge Capital remains deeply involved and committed for the full duration of every investment in order to monitor, supervise, and evaluate the progression of the assets and to ensure that long-term financial objectives are achieved.
  • Orange Ridge Capital´s partnering approach enables to offer a very wide range of real asset strategies in various regions across 3 continents at low cost.
How to Invest

Orange Ridge Capital provides in-house expertise for investors to acquire sustainable real assets via the following investment structures:

  • Direct / Private investments in evergreen corporate structures
  • Long-term funds that mirror infrastructure or real estate terms
  • Managed accounts

Institutional investors, particularly endowment and pension funds, are increasingly adding real asset allocations to their portfolio through direct investments.
These investment structures offer potential inflation protection and nontraditional sources of diversification.
Direct or private investments in real assets have also shown low levels of volatility over time, as these vehicles are generally not exposed to market speculation.

Exit Strategy

In coordination with the investor, operating partner, and Orange Ridge Capital an ´Exit Strategy´ is defined at the time of every sustainable real asset acquisition.


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