The Case For Real Assets

Attractive Returns, Diversification, Inflation Protection and Income

Investors are increasingly reacting to the reshaped global financial landscape post the financial crisis.
With a global background of slower growth, low interest rates, and low inflation, investors are understanding the clear advantages that real asset investments can bring to a long term portfolio, both for those seeking regular stable income and for those seeking to secure long term real returns.
Real assets are tangible and indispensable from an economic perspective. They include timberland, farmland, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, and renewable energy.
Investing in real assets provides stability and growth to an investment portfolio in a range of market conditions.

Real Asset Growth Potential

World population growth, especially a rapidly expanding middle class in emerging markets, will drive increased demand for natural resources, infrastructure, real estate and renewable energy in the coming decades.
Institutional investors, particularly pension funds and endowments, are capitalizing on these trends through direct investments which are aligned with their long-term objectives.


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