Orange Ridge Capital Is Your Specialist In Sustainable Real Asset Investments.

Orange Ridge Capital is specialized in sourcing, structuring and managing sustainable high-quality real asset investments in North America, Latin America, and Australasia where we aim to generate attractive returns from timberland, farmland, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, and renewable energy.
We believe sustainable real assets have a significant growth potential as world population growth, especially a rapidly expanding middle class in emerging markets, will drive increased demand for natural resources, such as timber, farmland, infrastructure, real estate, and energy in the coming decades.
Furthermore, sustainable real assets are considered to be a critical component of a well-balanced investment portfolio due to their diversification, risk mitigation, inflation protection, and low correlation benefits.

Orange Ridge Capital´s investment approach is partnering with regional and local operators with long-term proven track records and on the ground experience that will grow with the investor and us over the long term. This partnering approach enables Orange Ridge Capital to facilitate diverse sustainable real asset strategies in various regions across 3 continents at a low cost

Orange Ridge Capital provides sustainable real asset investment solutions and strategies to a wide range of clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, such as pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and investment consultants.



The Orange Ridge Capital Timberland Strategy is aimed at achieving attractive risk-adjusted total returns, generate current income, preserve capital investment and realize long-term appreciation by acquiring, developing and managing timber assets located in North America, Latin America, and Australasia. The strategy is focused on tree growth, tree improvement technology, and property management to serve attractive, growing conventional timber markets such as construction, furniture, paper, packaging, and emerging bioenergy demand.

Unique attributes as biological growth, store and increase value on stump and the harvest option provides timberland income, capital growth and low volatility of returns.

Farmland & Agriculture

The Orange Ridge Capital Farmland & Agriculture Strategy is intended to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with a current income from land lease and crop or livestock sales by acquiring, developing and managing farmland and agriculture assets located in North America, Latin America, and Australasia benefitting  from rising demand for agriculture products from world population growth and scarcity of arable land.


Investing in farmland and agriculture is particularly attractive to institutional investors that wish to hold productive assets that are less affected by volatility in financial markets.

Infrastructure & Real Estate

The Orange Ridge Capital Infrastructure & Real Estate Strategy is intended to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with a stable, predictable income by investing in transportation assets and sustainable real estate located in North America, Europe, Latin America and Australasia. Transportation assets provide sustainable long-term cash flows, inflation-linked revenues and high operating margins with minimal maintenance capital requirements. Sustainable real estate typically generates relatively long-term cash flow streams that offer downside protection as well as exposure to economic growth.

Renewable Energy

The Orange Ridge Capital Renewable Energy Strategy is intended to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with a stable income by investing in renewable energy assets located in North America, Latin America, and Europe benefitting from rising global energy demand and diminishing fossil fuels.
The assets provide predictable cash flows, relatively low levels of risk and volatility, regulated revenue streams, relatively low maintenance, independence from fuel price volatility and a long-term investment horizon.

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